About Us

Current world events mean that millions of children are being forced to stay home from school.  We are deeply aware that missing even a week of school - let alone a month or more - can have a profound impact on a child's long-term relationship with STEM.  It will also have a long term impact on the pipeline for future careers in these fields.

We decided to make a difference.

Welcome to Nanogirl's Lab.

For just NZD$1 a day (approximately USD$0.55 or GBP£0.50) you'll receive a Nanogirl™ STEM Adventure every weekday for ten weeks.  Filled with experiments that your children can do at home using equipment you'll already have in house.  Stories and adventures that will engage your children while supporting you while you learn to engage in your child's learning journey.

Meet Nanogirl™?

Originally created by nanotechnologist and engineer Dr Michelle Dickinson, Nanogirl™ is a superhero with a difference.  Her powers don't come from magic - or spider bites or alien suns! - but instead through her study of STEM: Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.  Nanogirl™ and her friends use their skills to engineer their way into - and out of - trouble, inspiring and empowering young people around the world to tackle some of world's biggest questions.

Nanogirl Labs - Made in New Zealand for the World.

Founded in 2016 by Joe Davis and Dr Michelle Dickinson, Nanogirl Labs is a social enterprise with presence all over the world including New Zealand (our first home). The home of Nanogirl™, the Nanogirl Labs team work around the world designing and creating transformational STEM learning experiences.

We produce explosive live science theatre, community experiences, write books (check out our bestselling Kitchen Science Cookbook) and design learning programmes that enable everyone, everywhere to dream bigger and achieve more.

We build social impact into every product and experience we create.  For every paying subscriber to Nanogirl's Lab, we donate a STEM learning experience to a family who could not otherwise afford to take part.

You can find out more about Nanogirl Labs' other projects at nanogirllabs.com