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Manaiakalani and Nanogirl's Lab for the holidays!

We are so excited that you are joining us on a superpower building mission over the school holidays, there are five different inventions for you to build and experiment with all using things that you might have lying around your home. Just watch the video, gather your equipment and use your worksheet to help you to start building! We can't wait to see what you build and what your experiments show - looking forward to reading about it all in your blogs. - Nanogirl

This Weeks Episode

Explore Throwing

Build a Super Seesaw!

A seesaw is an example of a lever where the fulcrum (the tube) is right in the middle, and the two sides are the same length. When two people sit on a seesaw they provide the force pushing with their legs when they are on the ground. In your catapult, you provide the force to throw the projectile by pushing down on the end of the spoon with your finger.

Equipment needed: Kitchen roll inner tube, String, Blue tack, Long-handled spoon and your projectile of choice.

Previous Weeks

Week 5 - Explore Space

Build an Anti Gravity Glass!

Today, you’ve created two forces which when strong enough can overcome gravity. You then used them to keep water in a glass even when it was upside-down! In the anti-gravity cup experiment, you used the higher air pressure outside the glass to push the card upwards so that it kept a tight seal on the rim of the glass and the water didn’t spill out.

Equipment needed: An empty recycled plastic bottle, Drinking Glass, String, Scissors, Thin Card, Water and Towels.

Week 4 - Explore Time

Build a Sundial!

Sundials are ancient technology which we still use today. Sundials have been used to measure the passing of time for over 3,000 years. The oldest sundial we know about is from ancient Egypt, and it was used as a way to tell workers when the start and end of their working day should be.

Equipment needed: Card, Pencil, Blue Tack, String, Scissors, Tape and a Ruler.

Week 3 - Explore Strength

Build a Super Column!

Compression means being squashed or pushed inwards, so compressive strength is the ability to withstand a large force, such as a heavy weight, without breaking. Engineers and architects need to think about compressive strength when they design and build new buildings

Equipment Needed: Cardboard, Ruler, Pencil, Tape, Scissors, 3x sheet of plain paper and Small and Heavy items to use as weights.

Week 2 - Explore Sound

Build a Xylophone!

A xylophone is a musical instrument made up of different length strips of wood which make different notes when they are tapped. Your xylophones use water glasses and paper rolls as the keys but work in the same way. In the water xylophone, the length of the glass that is able to vibrate is changed by the amount of water in the glass.

Equipment needed: Water glasses or jars, Water, Pencil, 5x sheets of A4 paper, tape and scissors.

Week 1 - Explore Equipment

Get ready with a supplies treasure hunt!

Over the next six weeks we are going to be building superpowers using things that you might have at home. To prepare for our invention building, spend this week looking around for things that you think might be useful for building. Card is a strong and lightweight material that can be flat or tube shaped - where could you find some card? Plastic bottles are lightweight, strong and great for holding water – do you think you could find an empty plastic bottle this week? What about securing things together? Do you think scissors, tape or string could be helpful? Collect your supplies and blog about the materials and equipment you found that you think could help you to build your superpowers over the summer.