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30 days Starter Pass access

Perfect for rainy days or school holidays, the Starter Pass is designed to introduce your child to the Nanogirl's Lab world. Focussed on one superpower they will have so much fun building and creating, they won't even know they're learning.

Designed for your child to grow

Designed by award-winning academics and based on purposeful-play principles a Starter Pass is the perfect introduction to STEM learning. Pushing your child to think about designing, building and testing their inventions, each activity is structured to help your child build skills used everyday in professional STEM careers.

Fun for the whole family

Don't worry about having to be the expert. Every activity in our Starter Pass includes our unique "Grown-Up's Guide" with answers to the questions your child is likely to ask you as they build their superpower inventions.

Choose Your Starter Pass Superpower!


The Flight Starter Pass has 5 unique inventions to build that show the different scientific principles needed for flight. From air pressure rockets, to curved hoop planes, the flight module is perfect for children who love making things fly!

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The Sound Starter Pass has 6 unique inventions to build that visually and acoustically show how sound is made and how sound travels. From making your own super ears to building your own playable guitar, the sound module is perfect for children who like to make lots of noise!

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Buy One, Give One

At Nanogirl's Lab, we believe that everyone, everywhere should have access to super-powered STEM learning. Sadly we know that for millions of children around the world, learning opportunities like this are financially out of their reach.

For every paid subscription to Nanogirl's Lab that is bought, we will donate another to a family who may struggle to afford one of our programs.

These subscriptions are reserved for those experiencing significant material hardship. If you qualify, please apply for free access and our team will be in touch.