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View the Lab Notes

Make Your Own Ears

Nanogirl is on a mission to discover the superpower of sound! Have you ever wondered what’s inside your own ears? Join Nanogirl today as she investigates the wiggly power of sound waves!

Super Harmonica

Every superhero needs a fanfare, and today Nanogirl is building two super-squeaky musical instruments to announce her super-presence everywhere she goes.

Buzzing Bee

Time to investigate the fuzzy, buzzy world of bees with Nanogirl, and make your own buzzing bee! Hold on tight and don’t get dizzy in this super spinning activity.

Building Xylophones

Nanogirl is feeling musical today! Join her as she makes her own theme song with the help of some very special sounds.

Super Guitar!

As our Super Sound investigate draws to a close, it’s time to rock out with Nanogirl and the power of Super Sound! Make music loud enough to knock Nano-Nanogirl’s socks off with your very own Super Guitar!