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View the Lab Notes

Rocket Launcher

Nanogirl is ready for her first superhero flight mission, but first of all... she's got to learn the power of flight! Make an indoor-friendly bottle rocket and help her blast off into space!


Nanogirl is back with a new idea to help her develop the superpower of flight! Come on, let's go fly a superkite!


Time to take flight using the science of Bernoulli's Principle. We'll learn about the forces that help planes to fly, and build and test out our own aerofoils!

Rocket Straws

It's time for a super space adventure - we're going into orbit! Today we'll learn about rockets, and see if we can send Nano-Nanogirl into space!

Ring Glider & Hoop Glider

Nanogirl and Nano-Nanogirl try engineering some new (and quite unusual) glider designs. Will they take flight? Which of your gliders flies the furthest?