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Train to be a STEM-powered Superhero with Nanogirl.

How does it work?

The Superpower of Flight Pack is designed for children aged 7-10 and a taster of the many superhero adventures found in Nanogirl's Lab. Your Superpower Pack access is valid for 30 days from your date of purchase.

With access to a programme of five STEM-powered training sessions focussed on the superpower of flight with an aligned superhero training manual there is plenty to keep your little ones busy inventing through play. You can relax with our Grown-Up's Guide which includes all of the science answers you need to prepare for the questions that might come your way.

  • Watch Nanogirl's instructional videos from your computer or tablet to see what you will be building and how it works.
  • Use the superhero manual to help you build your flying invention using only equipment found around the house, then test it out!
  • Watch as your children develop new science and engineering skills as they tinker and modify their superpowered invention.
  • Use your downloadable Grown-up's Guide to stay one step ahead of your children, with equipment lists and science cheat sheets so you’ll have all the answers at hand.
  • Join the Nanogirl’s Lab Parents Community to connect with Nanogirl and other trainee STEM superhero families.
  • All of our experiments and activities are designed to be mess-free, and use equipment you'll already have around the house - no volcanoes erupting in the kitchen here!

Fun & educational projects

Your children will have so much fun they won't even know they're learning! Entertaining and engaging while building hands-on skills, Nanogirl's lab is designed around purposeful play principles shown to help children learn with confidence.

Give your children a head start

Designed by award-winning academics, children who engage with Nanogirl's Lab activities are shown to increase their confidence, knowledge and vocabulary in science as well as vocalise more specific STEM related career options for their future.

Quality family time

You don't have to be a rocket scientist to take part! Every activity includes our unique 'Grown-Up's Guide' making you the expert and ready with answers to all the questions as you engage in your child's learning journey.

Ready to begin your training?

Here’s a sneak peek into the Nanogirl’s Lab Superpower of Flight pack!

Rocket Launcher

Nanogirl is ready for her first superhero flight mission, but first of all... she's got to learn the power of flight! Make an indoor-friendly bottle rocket and help her blast off into space!


Nanogirl is back with a new idea to help her develop the superpower of flight! Come on, let's go fly a superkite while learning about weight, area and lift!


Time to take flight using the science of Bernoulli's Principle. We'll learn about the forces that help planes to fly, and build and test out our own aerofoils!

Rocket Straws

It's time for a super space adventure - we're going into orbit! Today we'll learn about rockets, and see if we can send Nano-Nanogirl into space!

Ring and Hoop Gliders

Most gliders have wings, but this adventure involves building flying contraptions that don't have wings - how will they fly? You will have to build them to find out!

Buy One, Give One

At Nanogirl's Lab, we believe that everyone, everywhere should have access to super-powered STEM learning. Sadly we know that for millions of children around the world, learning opportunities like this are financially out of their reach.

For every paid subscription to Nanogirl's Lab School Holiday Club that is bought, we will donate another to a family who may struggle to afford one of our programs.

These subscriptions are reserved for those experiencing significant material hardship. If you qualify, please apply for free access and our team will be in touch.