Hands-on science at home

Kids stuck at home? Join Nanogirl on her quest to become a science-powered superhero! Subscribe now for a new fun-filled science adventure every weekday. 50 instructional videos and worksheets for your children and a daily cheat sheet and weekly webinar for parents. Perfect for children aged 7-11.
A new superpowered science lesson launches every weekday!

Science Superpowers!

When you Buy One, we Give One

At Nanogirl's Lab, we believe that everyone, everywhere should have access to superpowered STEM learning. Sadly we know that for millions of children around the world learning opportunities like this are financially out of their reach.
For every paid subscription to Nanogirl's lab that we sell, we will donate a copy to a family who may struggle to afford one of our programs.
If a subscription to Nanogirl's lab is not within your budget right now, please apply for free access and our team will be in touch. Apply here.

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