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Fun and educational projects

Your children will have so much fun they won't even know they're learning! Entertaining and engaging while building hands-on skills, Nanogirl's Lab is designed around purposeful play principles shown to help children learn with confidence.

Give your children a head start

Designed by award-winning academics, children who engage with Nanogirl's Lab activities are shown to increase their confidence, knowledge and vocabulary in science as well as vocalise more specific STEM related career options for their future.

Quality family time

You don't have to be a rocket scientist to take part! Every activity includes our unique 'Grown-Up's Guide' making you the expert and ready with answers to all the questions as you engage in your child's learning journey.

How it works

1. Select a Superhero Pass option

Select from either our 30 day Superhero Starter Pass (includes 5 flight or sound activities) or our 12 month unlimited Superhero Super Pass (over 50 activities plus all of Nanogirls live theatre show recordings) to access your training program.

2. Build and create with Nanogirl

Log in to your account and decide on which superpower your child wants to learn. Let them watch the short how-to video, then it's off the screen to collect supplies from around the house. Once everything is gathered, they can use the supplied superhero training manual to start building their invention.

3. Play, Explore & Engage - Hours of fun

Watch as your child discovers the joy of tinkering and improving their creation as they build their STEM superpower...and you'll know how to guide them thanks to your 'Grown-Ups' Guide' filled with all of the answers to the questions that might come your way so you can be the expert in the room!

About Nanogirl's Lab

We believe that everyone, everywhere should be able to dream bigger and achieve more through STEM - science, technology, engineering and math. Our team work around the world to bring that vision to life.
The experiments and stories in Nanogirl's Lab are created and produced by our team of PhD scientists and engineers, creative designers, entertainers and production specialists. Nanogirl - our STEM superhero - is presented by our award-winning co-founder and engineer Dr Michelle Dickinson.

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